Thursday, 21 March 2013

More Pictures....

For those, who like to see more pictures, taken by our talented Photographer Chi....

just take a look...

Tempelhof Albums

There are not only pictures from the last events, also from other things chi has taken marvelous photos.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

A week full of Music and Dancing

The next week we have planed three events at the Tempelhof Theather, that are really worth to be seen!

Monday, 18. March, 1:00 pm SLT  (21:00   CET)

Pippa Exonar, a very talented Lady with a beautiful voice and a widespreaded repertoire sings Jazz, Swing and other wellknown songs.

Tuesday, 19. March, 2:00 pm SLT  (22:00  CET) 

"The Pilot of the Aiwaves" DJane Otawan Fouquet spins her wonderful tunes for dancing and having fun.
She also will amaze you with a repertoire you seldom hear in whole SL.

Wednesday, 20. March, 2:00 pm SLT, (22:00  CET)

The amzing, unique Clyde Barrow enters the Tempelhof stage with his awesome Ratpack-Show, Songs of Ol' blue Eye and other great songs.

And naturally the incredible Tempelhof Girls will accentuate his show.

YOU  WONT MISS THAT!!     It is a Must-Have-Seen.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Ratpack show with Clyde Barrow and the Templehof Girls

Today, 2013-03-06 Clyde Barrow did one of his fabulous concerts here in SL right on stage of the TEMPLEHOF theater. As it is our custom, we did some pictures, so here they are: