Sunday, 17 November 2013

Autumn Break is Over!

We hereby happily announce that there will be shows again in our run-down but still beloved theater!
On Tuesday the 19th of November we'll have our wonderful friend Clyde Barrow singing at 1 PM SLT!
That will be a regular weekly date from now on - so please mark that in your calenders.

Doing shows has been difficult lately - due to some hardships we had to go through  and some subsequently needed reconstruction.
Still there is a significant lack of man-power - so we will have just ONE show a week, until we find a way to fill up the schedule a bit more.

So - any help and any idea would be greatly appreciated.
If you think you could add to the fun - please don't refrain from IMing me inworld!

Hope to see you at the theater!

Your's - Misty Payne :-)


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Open Rehearsals Postponed!

Dear Tempelhofers,

unfortunately StFz Wertmuller caught a mean cold so he can't care for the music tonight.
Our pharmacist still hoards some meds - so we just hope our impressario will be better soon!
We'll keep you informed.

Best regards from the dance division and

Misty Payne

Monday, 2 September 2013

Tempelhof Events Calendar

As it doesn't make too much sense to announce our regular artists in separate Blog-entries every week again, we kindly ask you to have a look at the events-calendar on the top right-hand side of this Webpage.
We will of course announce any changes to the program, like new performers or changes in the schedule separately.

Viele Grüße
Tempelhof Staff

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hold the Presses!

Dear Tempelhofers,

this is for sure a bit of a short-term notice, but we are delighted to announce that we have won a new artist for your entertainment:
Many of you aleready know her as part of the Yasmine and Jini Burlesque Events.
Jini will debut as a Tempelhof solo-entertainer today. She will take over our industrial complex and stream contemporary and modern dance tunes, as well as brit-pop for your dancing- and bellyrubbing-pleasure.

Hope to see you around
The Management

Sunday, 25 August 2013

This Tuesday at Tempelhof!

02:00 pm SLT - Hogan Baily sings live!
Theatre walls-shaking rock, blues and country tunes, together with his "High-Steppers" dancers. A must see.

Hope to see you around!
Tempelhof Staff

Monday, 19 August 2013

This week at Tempelhof

We will host the following events, this week:

Monday, 19.08. 01:00 pm SLT - Pippa Exonar sings live.

Tuesday, 20.08. 01:00 pm SLT - PhoenixJ plays and sings live.

Both ladies can for sure be called "Tempelhof regulars", their shows  loved by Tempelhof-residents and guests.

 Wednesday, 21.08. 01:00pm SLT - The Tempelhof Girls dancers will do their bi-weekly public rehearsal.

Feel free to drop in if you're interested in joining the show, or simply if you like to watch these amazing beauties dancing.

Friday, 16 August 2013


cHi has taken some pictures, during last week's events.
Please check them out - they're really good.

Album: TerryLynn Melody - 12.08.
Album: Hogan Baily's show - 13.08.
Album: Clyde Barrow and the Tempelhof Girls - 14.08.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Upcoming Events - This Week

Guten Tag Tempelhofers,

there will be three amazing events in your favourite SL-Location, this week:


We'll start on monday, 12:00 pm SLT with something spectacular:
The amazing Terrlynn Melody will debut on the Tempelhof stage, and we are really excited to present you this wonderful Performer.

It's been a long summer break, but finally, we got him back on our stage:
Hogan Baily will for sure rock the theatre for you!

Tuesday, 02:00 pm SLT.

Mark wednesday, 01:00pm SLT in your calendar!

The man who "does Sinatra songs better than Frank himself" will be on his home-stage again.
If you haven't seen or heard him yet, you must most definitely join us for this fabulous event - if you have seen him before, you know what you're missing if you don't show up.
It's a rare privilege to see a master Saloon-Singer practicing his craft, nowadays - not only in SL.

Viele Grüße
Tempelhof Staff

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Pictures from last monday

cHi has taken some wonderful shots during Pippa's performance.
They can be found here.


Monday, 29 July 2013

This Week's Events

Guten Tag Tempelhofers,

The W. messed it up again. Tuesday is a private Event, where Yas and her girls do filming - sorry.

no "Tanzmusik" this week! We'll be hosting some real artists instead:

Tue, 30.07. - 01:00 pm SLT: Burlesque with Yasmine and Jini
Wed, 31.07. - 01:00 pm SLT: Clyde Barrow sings live

Viele Grüße
Tempelhof Staff

Monday, 22 July 2013

Pippa returns to Tempelhof

The much loved Pippa Exonia returned to Tempelhof to re-open the theatre after its summer break.  The displaced Aussie songstress entertained residents and visitors of Tempelhof with her wonderful mix of classic songs.

This Week's Events

Guten Tag Tempelhofers,

Summer Break is over and we're back in Business!
We'll be Hosting two Events, this week:

Monday, 22.07. - 01:00 pm SLT: Pippa Exonar sings live.
Wednesday, 24.07.  - 01:00 pm SLT: DJ Otawan Fouquet.

Hope to see you around.
Tempelhof Staff

Friday, 12 July 2013

What landed me on Tempelhof (part 2)

Ahoy - it's me again. (read part 1)

I promised to offer some more answers - here we go!

If you ever asked yourself how comes a German girl is called "Misty" ...
- that is of course more of a nickname.
Tempelhof has been especially popular among English speaking tourists, so most folks on the island are more or less familiar with that language.
My legal name is Britta ... Britta Pein - but few tourists were able to pronounce that properly.
When I was still learning the ropes as a waitress, tons of things went wrong - so the word the guests heard pretty often from me was "Mist!!" - or even "Mist-Mist-Mist!!!" if I screwed up completely. "Mist" is a mild German form for "shit!" ... like "crap!" perhaps.
One day a friendly tourist who used to joke with me a lot said: "Young lady. This is a wonderful clear and sunny day - no mist whatsoever. But because you seem so fond of that term I might call you 'Misty' from now on - if you have no objections".
That nickname stuck to me. I like it and it is way easier to say and to spell for folks from abroad.
When back home some tourists sent me letters or postcards - most wrote 'Payne' instead of 'Pein'.
So - that's why. Meanwhile even most Germans call me Misty and I'm fine with it.

Why a humble waitress and dancer dashes around in high-tech submarines? 
Well - Tempelhof always was a small naval base. Just a handful U-boats, some minesweepers, some trawlers.

Due to my interest for all things nautical, I spent much of my spare time down by the docks, becoming friends with many of the sailors.
They began to show me around, even took me for short trips (TOTALLY against any military rule of course) and I learned pretty quick how to steer a boat.
That became handy, when we ran short of men during the war.
I helped out testing boats after repairs and improvements or with redeploying them to the (now destroyed) submarine pens.
Of course they never took me on any military mission, because women still ain't allowed to join the armed forces.
So my 'rank' (Fähnrich zur See = ensign on a ship, midshipman), just as any other military task I'm responsible for now, is unofficial.

After the departure of the nazi staff and the death of commander Fehrer, StFz Wertmuller found himself the highest-ranking soldier - so he jumped in and has been in charge of any operations or tactical plans since.
One of the first things he pointed out was (quote) "Also, please take into account that we take great pride in our policy of Equal Working Conditions, where we employ people regardless of gender, sexual orientation or talent."- that's why you even see women operating the FLAK guns and stuff. Some say his encouraging words were just a polite way to tell us: "Move your lazy bum and make yourself useful!". And especially after the 'U-boat incident' I had to think a bit about the 'talent'-part of his little speech.

This directly leads to 'da buzz-bomb': 

We still had one intact V-1 launcher ... as well as some bombs.
But due to the fact we are a bit short on explosives ... and because we don't really believe in the benefices of bombing and terrorizing civilians ... it came to my mind to convert the ramp so it points to the east now - where the mainland lies - removing the explosives from the war heads and to use the freed-up space to stuff letters and postcards into it: TaDa! Airborne mail, Misty-style.
After the war I will see to get this awesome concept patented.
No idea if anything ever reached the addressees - but hey! We tried, didn't we??

Last question you might have on your mind: Why is a chambermaid in charge of the radio station?? 
Hmm... just another of many 'dirty jobs' StFz Wertmuller has seen fit to impose on lil me - mostly because my dad has been an amateur radio operator and I once blurted out I knew how those things work.
And according to my motto "Never ask what your people can do for you - always ask yourself: What can -I- do for my people??" - Bullshit of course: He said "Duckling - YOU operate that thing!" - so I just do it. Cause I'm compliant. What a drag. Anyway.

In part 3 I will tell what happened to the harbor master, the lighthouse keeper - and how we managed to remove the few Jews and other 'endangered species' to a safe place.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Note to the Editor 

Tempelhof, 28. April 1945

Von: Misty Payne, commissarial in charge of Militärische Abwehr

Betreff: 'body in the sewers'

Dear Editor,

surprised enough the rats did not finish him off already (might be some kind of courtesy among colleagues) - all I can say is: That are the reminders of Hans Fehrer - former Ortsgruppenleiter of the NSDAP and Inselkommandant of Tempelhof.

Me and my sister found him the day after the other nazi bastards stole our best U-boat and took off to Argentina (some say they actually were heading to 'New Swabia' in the Antarctic).

The commander sat slumped in a puddle of his own blood at his desk.
On that: his Luger Parabellum, some cash (pretty useless on Tempelhof - there is nothing to sell or to buy anymore. We just share what is left) and a "returned to sender" postcard to his sister in Freiburg - thus meaning she might have gotten bombed out during the last severe air raids.
We found some empty bottles of wine, so we aren't sure if he refused to flee with his comrades - or was just too drunk to do so.

Anyway - it was more than obvious he shot himself in the head.
All we did was to unload his gun, wrap his body into a blanket and drag that fat bastard to the sewers. Basically because we just had no idea where else to put him.

I hereby declare we did NOT change anything else on the scene - in case of further investigations.
We still use the radio device (which the staff fortunately did not render useless when they ransacked the office) to keep in touch with our raider-boats or in case anybody in the Reich will try to contact us.

Before the party left they destroyed all evidences of crimes on Tempelhof - that's why the office looks so devastated.
Depending on how the Allies will treat us after the war comes to an end, we might be willing to help with the investigations.

To the best of one's knowledge and belief:
Misty Payne, Fähnrich zur See

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Closed for Summer

As all of our staff is on annual leave, there won't be any events until 22.07.

Tempelhof Management (sitting on packed bags)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Body Found in Sewers?

Body wrapped in sack?
Tempelhof in Sl has been given a photo that appears to be of a body wrapped in a burlap sack. We have been informed that the photo was taken in the Sewers of Tempelhof.
Tempelhof in SL have asked the authorities to comment, but so far they refuse to confirm or deny whether this is indeed a bod or not.  
If you have any information about this story please contact the editor.
Body in Sewers

This Week's Event

Liebe Tempelhofers,

it's holiday time, and so we have just one event, scheduled for this week:

Tue, 25.06. - 01:00 pm SLT - PhoenixJ plays and sings live.

Hope to see you around.
Tempelhof Stab

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Clyde Barrow Perfoms at Tempelhof accompanied by MissUnderstood Lighthouse

Clyde Barrow @ Tempelhof

Clyde Barrow returned to the Tempelhof Theatre this evening to do a show without his usual dancers.  This evening he was accompanied on various instruments by one of the Tempelhof Girls MissUnderstood Lighthouse. 

Clyde's songs this evening were with only one exception dedicated to Tempelhof and its staff and residents.

Clyde a regular performer at Tempelhof has a devoted following and he always puts on a good show.  Clyde is most famous for his Sinatra songs and other Rat Pack classics, but he also performs songs made famous by The Doors, The Kinks and Dire Straits.

Clyde Barrow & MissUnderstood Lighthouse

Animated Tempelhof

Time Lapse of Tempelhof

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Live Free with Hogan Baily - or Die!

Hogan Baily and Hogan's Hi-Steppers
Hogan Baily took the Tempelhof Theatre by storm accompanied by his Hi-Steppers! Hogan entertained the customers with a range of music including songs originally by Van Morrison, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, Bruce Springsteen and many more.

As always Hogan wowed his audience with his energetic performance and lovely dancers.

50% Extrea Value at Burlesque in Tempelhof

Our regular burlesque performers Jasmine and Jini were joined by a new dancer Rhys at todays Burlesque.

The extra performer made the act 50% more exciting said one customer straining to hide his "excitement."  This reporter said that she would take his word for it.

Monday, 17 June 2013

This week's events

Guten Tag Tempelhofers,

we'll be hosting three events this week:

Tue, 18.06. 01:15pm SLT: Burlesque-show with Yasmine and Jini.
Tue, 18.06. 02:00pm SLT: Hogan Baily sings live.

Wed, 19.06. 01:00pm SLT: Clyde Barrow sings live.

Hope to see you all.
Tempelhof Stab

Sunday, 16 June 2013

More Missing Emilie Paintings Found

 Last night 6 more paintings by Emilie that had been stolen from the Kommandantur  were found. 

Paintings by trawler
 These paintings were found in the open at the harbour front, near a fishing trawler that had arrived earlier that day. 

It is unknown at this time whether the trawler arriving that day was linked or is purely coincidental.

The paintings in question were not protected from the elements and experts say that is very fortunate that the weather was good last night as the paintings could have been easily ruined by rain or salt water from the waves. 

Missing portraits by Emilie
The paintings have been identified as portraits by Emilie.  So far the recovered paintings recovered were mostly of the Tempelhof area, with the notable exception of the previously unknown nude that was donated to the museum.  As Emilie was famous for her paintings of the locals this recovery is considered quite important.

The authorities have said that they are happy for the Emilie Museum to hold and display the paintings until the rightful owners are identified. 

Tempelhof in SL views these paintings of great cultural significance to the island and encourage resident and visitors to go to the Emilie museum to see them.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Emilie Museum to Open

Emilie Museum
An anonymous benefactor  has acquired the house that local artist Emilie used to live in and has donated it to Tempelhof along with his own 2 pieces of work by Emilie to the people of Tempelhof.  The museum will be operated as a trust for the benefit of the public.    The 2 pieces donated have never been seen before as they were private commissions as well as Emilie's sketchbook.  As the benefactor of these pieces is anonymous there is quite a lot of interest in the art world about the exhibition of these paintings.
After being informed of the opening of the Museum Tempelhof in SL has put pressure on the local authorities to allow the display of the four Emilie paintings that have so far been recovered from the collection that was stolen. We are proud to announce that these paintings will also be displayed in the Emilie Museum until such time as the rightful owners are identified and the items are claimed, and that all further pieces that are recovered will also be displayed at the Museum.
The Emilie museum will be open to the public at no charge however donations will be accepted for the upkeep of the museum.
The Emilie Museum is actually privately rented from Tempelhof, it is done so to add to the atmosphere for the  benefit of residents and visitors to Tempelhof.  
While the museum is not run by Tempelhof itself, all donations collected from tip jars will go straight into Tempelhof's accounts for the upkeep of the entire sim. Tempelhof is a spectacularly unique location in SL that should be supported.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

New reoccuring Event!

Dear Tempelhofers,

the theatre-management is proud to announce that we could win our-long-term resident
Clyde Barrow to sing for us every other wednesday.

This man truely is the last living Saloon singer, in this world and in any other, and his shows are famous all over the grid and in RL.
Please check the Events Calendar for details.
Tempelhof Stab

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Phoenix J in Tempelhof 11/06/13

Phoenix J, one of Tempelhof's regular performers again thrilled her audience.  Phoenix plays every other Tuesday right here, so if you missed her please come and see her at her next show at 1pm SLT on 25th June 2013 at the Tempelhof Theatre.

Phoenix has a huge repertoire of music ranging from the truly ancient to very modern, accompanying herself on piano and guitar.


Topless Surfing in Tempelhof 11/06/13

Tempelhof is famous for it's choppy seas, is this what attracted surfer babes Yasmine and Jini to do their surfing themed Burlesque here?

Whether that is the case or not they certainly thrilled the crowds again with their skimpy outfits and flirtatious nature.

Yasmine and Jeni always put on a great show that gets the audience going, today possibly more noticeably than usual.

I overheard one gentleman in  in the audience saying it reminded him of the Meat Loaf lyric "Surfs up and so am I!" (video for song at bottom or article for reference) - I decided not to check too carefully for the accuracy of the statement.


Monday, 10 June 2013

This week's events

Dear Tempelhofers,

as usual, we'll be hosting some musical events, this week:

Mon. 10.06. - 01:00 SLT - Pippa Exonar sings live.

Tue. 11.06. - 01:00 SLT - PhoenixJ Plays piano and sings live.

Wed. 12.06. - 02:00 SLT -  Ian Bleac "The Godfather of Swing" sings live.

Thu. 13.06. - 01:00 SLT - DJ Otawan Fouquet spins classic tunes.

Have loads of fun with this week's shows... see you all in the theatre.
Viele Grüße
Tempelhof Stab

Friday, 7 June 2013

Emilie Paintings Found! - Updated for accuracy

Some of the missing paintings by Emilie have been found by authorities in the back room of  Hafenmeister, located next to the Unsink  Bar on the harbourfront.

The paintings were found by a structural engineer who was examining the building to see if it could be brought back into use.

Hafenmeister (Harbour Master's Office)
The Hafenmeister building has been abandoned since there was an unexplained grenade accident there which took the Harbour Master's life. When asked about the paintings being  in the back room the Engineer said "I have no idea what these paintings are doing there, obviously no one should be using the building at all at present.  There is a sewer entrance in that room and I believe the paintings may have been put into the room from there, which would explain how someone got into the building without being noticed walking with a number of large paintings along the sea front."

As of yet authorities have not been able to establish why these paintings were there or who may have taken them in the first place. 

Evidence of sewer access
Upon investigation it does indeed appear that there is sewer access to this room.

It must be noted that only four of the missing paintings have been found and this represents only a very small portion of the missing collection.

The authorities say that they will be ceasing  the paintings as evidence and cannot determine if or when they will be returned to the Kommandantur for display with the rest of the currently unclaimed artwork displayed there.

Fortunately prior to the paintings being confiscated we were able to take these photos of them.

Tempelhof Coast
The Lighthouse

The Girl in the World


Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Yasmine & Jini again thrilled Tempelhof Theatre goers with another unique and risqué show of theirs. Today they did a Mod themed burlesque  that I like to call:

"Lambrettas and Booty" -  something that I personally had never experienced before. 

Yamsine and Jini came down off stage onto the theatre floor thrilling the audience. (Probably in more ways than one.)

Due to illness a previously scheduled act had to be cancelled, so Yasmine & Jini kindly did an encore performance to the delight of the audience.

Today's events

We have two shows today:

01:15 pm SLT - Burlesque with Yasmine and Jini.

02:00 pm SLT - Hogan Baily sings live.

Hope to see you around
The Staff

Monday, 3 June 2013

British Conuslate Office?

Controversial dancer and journalist MissUnderstood Lighthouse has opened what is described as an "Unofficial British Consulate Office" in Tempelhof.  Considering the current hostilities between our countries,  this could be viewed to be in incredibly bad taste. The office is located at the Old Water Tower where Miss Lighthouse had already come under criticism for her flying a Union Flag.
Tempelhof in SL queried the British born Miss Lighthouse about her decision to open this office and she said that she had several reasons for opening the "office." She stated that while the residents of Tempelhof are lovely people and had made her and other "misplaced allies" as at home as possible under the circumstances in Tempelhof, there was a feeling among many of these people that they needed a form of support group and a place to meet and that this was a "tongue in cheek" way of doing it.  She went on to say that the fact she called the place a "Consulate Office" showed that she did not have any animosity to the people of Tempelhof itself.  Lastly she said "In Britain it is believed that Germans have no sense of humour, I figure this kind of put this theory to the test, if they do (as I believe) actually have a sense of humour then they should get a bit of an ironic laugh out of this... if not I'll end up in front of the firing squad and the stereotype will be proved true."

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Disapearence of Paintings - Updated for accuracy

Selection of paintings at Kommandantur
It has come to the attention of Tempelhof in SL that all of the paintings by beloved local artist Emilie have disappeared from The Kommandantur since we told her story and gave you a free copy of the song about her in our 20 May edition "The Legend of Emilie." 

Prior to the war the Kommandantur was a Casino, which was taken over to use as a command post by the Nazis at the beginning of the war. Following the Nazis departure a large stash of artwork was found by the local residents, so of the art is local, others are famous pieces from across Europe. The locals decided to display the art in a public place both out of respect of the art and to make the place look prettier until the pieces can restored to their rightful owners. Because of this the Kommandantur currently houses most of the fine art in Tempelhof and so the disappearance of these locally cherished pieces of work will cause great distress to the local residents.

Ironically it has been suggested that the owner of the largest collection of Emilie paintings was in fact the Casino, and so it is quite possible that the items that have been stolen were the only art work that truly belonged in the building to start with.

It has been speculated that the paintings may have been stolen as a result of the attention that Tempelhof in SL had brought to them by linking the song Emilie to the specific artist that inspired it, and that the firm link may lead to an increase in the paintings value.

There has been no official comment regarding the disappearance of these paintings of the Tempelhof area and its residents and this is further fuelling speculation into what has happened. 

Tempelhof in SL calls for a public enquiry into the disappearance of these most beloved art works and asks that anyone who has any knowledge of what has happened to them to assist in finding them so that they can be returned to their rightful place here.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Union Flag Over Tempelhof?

Union Flag over old water tower
For the past week a Union Flag*  has been spotted on top of the Old Water Tower in Tempelhof.  This is the residence of dancer and reporter MissUnderstood Lighthouse who is a British Citizen.

The appearance of this flag has naturally caused anger among certain residents considering the current state of hostilities with Britain.

When asked about the flag Miss Lighthouse did not deny that she has a certain amount of national pride but explained that she had put up the flag in an attempt to reduce the further destruction to Tempelhof by the allies.  She pointed out that the British are incredibly patriotic and that no true blooded Briton would attack in an area where the Union Flag is flying.

If there is any truth in this theory then "Tempelhof in SL" will be among the most likely to benefit as the Old Water Tower is located right next door to our offices.

* The Union Flag is more commonly known as the Union Jack and also as the British Flag.  It has been referred to as the Union Flag here as many believe it should only be referred to as the Union Jack when it is flown from the bows of a warship, while this is considered untrue by experts we have used the term Union Flag (which is definitely right) to avoid such debate.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Misty Payne

So - what landed ME on Tempelhof?? (Part 1)

Born and raised in Germany's northernmost region (Schleswig-Holstein to be exact) I always felt a strong affection for the sea and all things nautical.

So after leaving school in 1935 I applied for the Nautical College in Kiel - only to learn the nazis won't let women study there anymore.

Also they told me it would be hard for me to get any other university place, because I have never been member of the BDM (Bund Deutscher Mädel) or the NS-Frauenschaft (official organization for women in the Third Reich). Drat!!

I decided to go on a hiatus from further education, took the ferry boat to Tempelhof for working as a waitress at the casino and restaurant they had on the island,  this building later became the "Kommandantur" (headquarters) for the party and navy staff when they took over the island about one year after my arrival.

At first I only planned to stay during summer - thinking things over and trying to figure out what to do for a living in a country that dooms women to a live as obedient wives and mothers only.

What can I say - I just fell in love with the island instantly. The rough weather, the cliffs and the sea - and last not least the odd folks living there. Most not very talkative, but good-natured.
Unruly and edgy. And - if they come to like you: awesome friends!

Among them - very few nazis but some pretty interesting artists: Painters, singers or writers, who decided to flee the turbulent mainland and it's ongoing drift into inhumanity and totalitarianism.
Islands tend to be kind of a melting pot for people that won't fit in properly otherwise.

The genuine islanders are the decendants of whalers, fischermen and farmers, now mostly living on the tourists that used to overcrowd Tempelhof during summer season.

Tourism came to a standstill, after Berlin declared Tempelhof to become a naval base (Minesweepers and U-boats).
The casino had to close - so I lost my job there and started to help out as a chambermaid in the Hotel Esplanade (now mostly inhabited by naval officers) - and I became friend with the lighthouse keeper and moved in to help with the huge lantern and stuff.

Oh! And I met and fell in love with Stabsfeldwebel (StFz=first sergeant) Wertmüller! Rumours have it he actually was a "Unterscharführer" in ... you know where, but got disbanded for being ... err ...
unruly and not enough in line with the ideology. They "exiled" him to godforsaken Tempelhof, where they thought he could cause less havoc.
His job in the beginning was to care for the radio equipment and some ... uhm ... experimental stuff, I'm most certainly not allowed to talk about.

With the beginning of the war times became tough. No daily ferry boat anymore, so we were dependent on the few navy tenders und the incoming U-boats. No way for any of us to leave the island anymore, very little contact to the mainland and our folks at home.

All foreigners on Tempelhof got stuck here also (Ms. Lighthouse already wrote about it: "Maiden in the Tower") - the officials first tried to incarcerate them in the cells of the various basements ...
then just telling them not to leave their homes, which soon became rather impractial also, so they were mostly left alone, but under more or less strict surveillance. 
In contrast to the party-bastards we never bore them any ill will - actually most became good friends over the years ... So we saw no point in making their life more miserable than it was for all of us anyway.

As a matter of fact all of the pretty international bunch we have here live pretty much as us Germans do.
They work, they sing, dance or care for their business. We like it just that way!


In a couple of days I will carry on with my story, offering answers to some still open questions:
• How comes a German girl is called "Misty"?
• What landed a waitress and dancer on the sail of a Typ-VII-C??
• Why does she seems to be in charge of the V-1 launching ramp??
• Why does that point to the EAST anyway??
• What is her business at the radion station in the ravaged NSDAP-offices??

I will tell, what I MAY tell!
Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New Home for Tempelhof in SL

New Tempelhof in SL offices
Since our old offices were confiscated at the beginning of the war by the military Tempelhof in SL has been proud to continue publishing despite these hardships due to the assistance of our reporters and local businesses who have allowed us to work from their homes and office space to give you the only newspaper in Tempelhof.

Tempelhof in SL is proud to announce that due to an anonymous donation of property that we can once again have our own offices in Tempelhof to produce our newspaper.

While the new offices are modest compared to our pre-war ones, the reality is that having impressive offices does not write the news,  we therefore greatly appreciate the donation of this office space.

The new offices are located at the Treehouse Building next to the water tower on Wertmüller Straße.  It is believed that this building had previously been used as a second home for "recreational purposes"... what is meant by this exactly remains unclear.
If you have news stories, information on local events, wedding announcements, obituaries, classified ads, advertisements etc. that you would like posted in Tempelhof in SL then please post them to:

Tempelhof in SL
Treehouse Building 
Wertmüller Straße
Ceiram, Germany
Second Life
SL 109/114/33

(OR in other words click the SLurl and put it in the mailbox shown in the photo)

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Phoenix J @ Tempelhof - 28/5/13

Phoenix J wowed Tempelhof with show tunes done in her own wonderful style.  Phoenix now plays at Tempelhof every other week on Tuesdays at 1pm SLT.  Her next performance here will be on 11 June.

Next Tuesday (4 June)  Hogan Baily will be playing at 2pm SLT.


Monday, 27 May 2013

Russia Denial

Photo a Fake?

For the past week there have been rumours that one of our reporters MissUnderstood Lighthouse has been in Russia in Yaraslavl ... well beyond the front line.

This photo has emerged which apparently shows Miss Lighthouse in front of a Russian Orthodox church.

When asked about going to Russia Miss Lighthouse said "No, I have not been to Russia, there is no truth in the claim whatsoever, any evidence you have is obviously been constructed... I have been ill for the past week and have not been around so much... but people have seen me... Mr. Barrow and Miss Payne have both seen me"

When queried about it Mr Barrow confirms that Miss Lighthouse has been seen around Tempelhof, but says "She has not seemed quite herself, never changing clothes, just standing around barely moving at all."

In possibly related news, the "Unsink" Bar where Mr Barrow works has  recently started serving Russian Vodka, which appears to be very high quality.

The photo above is the only hard evidence of Miss Lighthouse being in Moscow, but Tempelhof in SL does confirm that there had been a gap of several days where Miss Lighthouse did not submit any reports which is rather uncharacteristic of her. One may also consider it rather suspicious that this story itself is written by Miss Lighthouse.

Clyde Barrow

Clyde Barrow has crawled up the stairs from "Unsink" with his bottle of Tesco Brand Whiskey in hand to perform at Tempelhof along with the Tempelhof dancers.  Clyde is known as the man who performs Sinatra better than Frank does. Rumour has it that one of our dancers travelled thousands of miles today just to perform with Clyde.

Tempelhof infiltrated?

Liebe Bürger,

as our head-reporter has been sent abroad to the eastern shores for a few days, the news-output of this newspaper is considerably low, as you might understand.
Unfortunately, an incident was raised, which needs the immediate attention of all well-intentioned citizens.
This snippet of a newspaper has been found in the lounge-area of the Kommandantur yesterday:

As this is obviosly a part of our newspaper, translated into russian, Tempelhof authorities wait for Fräulein Lighthouse's return to work. We are sure that she can give a good explanation for this incident, especially while no one at Tempelhof is able to read cyrillic letters.
In the meantime, we ask you to keep your eyes open and to stay alert. Report all suspicious visitors to the Kommandantur immediately!
C.W. (StFw)


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Upcoming Events Week 22

We have 3 events planed next week.

Monday, 27. May - 1:00 PM


Monday, 27. May - 2:00 PM


Tuesday, 28. May - 1:00 PM


We'd love to see you around and have a great time with us!