Sunday, 17 March 2013

A week full of Music and Dancing

The next week we have planed three events at the Tempelhof Theather, that are really worth to be seen!

Monday, 18. March, 1:00 pm SLT  (21:00   CET)

Pippa Exonar, a very talented Lady with a beautiful voice and a widespreaded repertoire sings Jazz, Swing and other wellknown songs.

Tuesday, 19. March, 2:00 pm SLT  (22:00  CET) 

"The Pilot of the Aiwaves" DJane Otawan Fouquet spins her wonderful tunes for dancing and having fun.
She also will amaze you with a repertoire you seldom hear in whole SL.

Wednesday, 20. March, 2:00 pm SLT, (22:00  CET)

The amzing, unique Clyde Barrow enters the Tempelhof stage with his awesome Ratpack-Show, Songs of Ol' blue Eye and other great songs.

And naturally the incredible Tempelhof Girls will accentuate his show.

YOU  WONT MISS THAT!!     It is a Must-Have-Seen.

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