Thursday, 30 May 2013

Misty Payne

So - what landed ME on Tempelhof?? (Part 1)

Born and raised in Germany's northernmost region (Schleswig-Holstein to be exact) I always felt a strong affection for the sea and all things nautical.

So after leaving school in 1935 I applied for the Nautical College in Kiel - only to learn the nazis won't let women study there anymore.

Also they told me it would be hard for me to get any other university place, because I have never been member of the BDM (Bund Deutscher Mädel) or the NS-Frauenschaft (official organization for women in the Third Reich). Drat!!

I decided to go on a hiatus from further education, took the ferry boat to Tempelhof for working as a waitress at the casino and restaurant they had on the island,  this building later became the "Kommandantur" (headquarters) for the party and navy staff when they took over the island about one year after my arrival.

At first I only planned to stay during summer - thinking things over and trying to figure out what to do for a living in a country that dooms women to a live as obedient wives and mothers only.

What can I say - I just fell in love with the island instantly. The rough weather, the cliffs and the sea - and last not least the odd folks living there. Most not very talkative, but good-natured.
Unruly and edgy. And - if they come to like you: awesome friends!

Among them - very few nazis but some pretty interesting artists: Painters, singers or writers, who decided to flee the turbulent mainland and it's ongoing drift into inhumanity and totalitarianism.
Islands tend to be kind of a melting pot for people that won't fit in properly otherwise.

The genuine islanders are the decendants of whalers, fischermen and farmers, now mostly living on the tourists that used to overcrowd Tempelhof during summer season.

Tourism came to a standstill, after Berlin declared Tempelhof to become a naval base (Minesweepers and U-boats).
The casino had to close - so I lost my job there and started to help out as a chambermaid in the Hotel Esplanade (now mostly inhabited by naval officers) - and I became friend with the lighthouse keeper and moved in to help with the huge lantern and stuff.

Oh! And I met and fell in love with Stabsfeldwebel (StFz=first sergeant) Wertmüller! Rumours have it he actually was a "Unterscharführer" in ... you know where, but got disbanded for being ... err ...
unruly and not enough in line with the ideology. They "exiled" him to godforsaken Tempelhof, where they thought he could cause less havoc.
His job in the beginning was to care for the radio equipment and some ... uhm ... experimental stuff, I'm most certainly not allowed to talk about.

With the beginning of the war times became tough. No daily ferry boat anymore, so we were dependent on the few navy tenders und the incoming U-boats. No way for any of us to leave the island anymore, very little contact to the mainland and our folks at home.

All foreigners on Tempelhof got stuck here also (Ms. Lighthouse already wrote about it: "Maiden in the Tower") - the officials first tried to incarcerate them in the cells of the various basements ...
then just telling them not to leave their homes, which soon became rather impractial also, so they were mostly left alone, but under more or less strict surveillance. 
In contrast to the party-bastards we never bore them any ill will - actually most became good friends over the years ... So we saw no point in making their life more miserable than it was for all of us anyway.

As a matter of fact all of the pretty international bunch we have here live pretty much as us Germans do.
They work, they sing, dance or care for their business. We like it just that way!


In a couple of days I will carry on with my story, offering answers to some still open questions:
• How comes a German girl is called "Misty"?
• What landed a waitress and dancer on the sail of a Typ-VII-C??
• Why does she seems to be in charge of the V-1 launching ramp??
• Why does that point to the EAST anyway??
• What is her business at the radion station in the ravaged NSDAP-offices??

I will tell, what I MAY tell!
Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New Home for Tempelhof in SL

New Tempelhof in SL offices
Since our old offices were confiscated at the beginning of the war by the military Tempelhof in SL has been proud to continue publishing despite these hardships due to the assistance of our reporters and local businesses who have allowed us to work from their homes and office space to give you the only newspaper in Tempelhof.

Tempelhof in SL is proud to announce that due to an anonymous donation of property that we can once again have our own offices in Tempelhof to produce our newspaper.

While the new offices are modest compared to our pre-war ones, the reality is that having impressive offices does not write the news,  we therefore greatly appreciate the donation of this office space.

The new offices are located at the Treehouse Building next to the water tower on Wertmüller Straße.  It is believed that this building had previously been used as a second home for "recreational purposes"... what is meant by this exactly remains unclear.
If you have news stories, information on local events, wedding announcements, obituaries, classified ads, advertisements etc. that you would like posted in Tempelhof in SL then please post them to:

Tempelhof in SL
Treehouse Building 
Wertmüller Straße
Ceiram, Germany
Second Life
SL 109/114/33

(OR in other words click the SLurl and put it in the mailbox shown in the photo)

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Phoenix J @ Tempelhof - 28/5/13

Phoenix J wowed Tempelhof with show tunes done in her own wonderful style.  Phoenix now plays at Tempelhof every other week on Tuesdays at 1pm SLT.  Her next performance here will be on 11 June.

Next Tuesday (4 June)  Hogan Baily will be playing at 2pm SLT.


Monday, 27 May 2013

Russia Denial

Photo a Fake?

For the past week there have been rumours that one of our reporters MissUnderstood Lighthouse has been in Russia in Yaraslavl ... well beyond the front line.

This photo has emerged which apparently shows Miss Lighthouse in front of a Russian Orthodox church.

When asked about going to Russia Miss Lighthouse said "No, I have not been to Russia, there is no truth in the claim whatsoever, any evidence you have is obviously been constructed... I have been ill for the past week and have not been around so much... but people have seen me... Mr. Barrow and Miss Payne have both seen me"

When queried about it Mr Barrow confirms that Miss Lighthouse has been seen around Tempelhof, but says "She has not seemed quite herself, never changing clothes, just standing around barely moving at all."

In possibly related news, the "Unsink" Bar where Mr Barrow works has  recently started serving Russian Vodka, which appears to be very high quality.

The photo above is the only hard evidence of Miss Lighthouse being in Moscow, but Tempelhof in SL does confirm that there had been a gap of several days where Miss Lighthouse did not submit any reports which is rather uncharacteristic of her. One may also consider it rather suspicious that this story itself is written by Miss Lighthouse.

Clyde Barrow

Clyde Barrow has crawled up the stairs from "Unsink" with his bottle of Tesco Brand Whiskey in hand to perform at Tempelhof along with the Tempelhof dancers.  Clyde is known as the man who performs Sinatra better than Frank does. Rumour has it that one of our dancers travelled thousands of miles today just to perform with Clyde.

Tempelhof infiltrated?

Liebe Bürger,

as our head-reporter has been sent abroad to the eastern shores for a few days, the news-output of this newspaper is considerably low, as you might understand.
Unfortunately, an incident was raised, which needs the immediate attention of all well-intentioned citizens.
This snippet of a newspaper has been found in the lounge-area of the Kommandantur yesterday:

As this is obviosly a part of our newspaper, translated into russian, Tempelhof authorities wait for Fräulein Lighthouse's return to work. We are sure that she can give a good explanation for this incident, especially while no one at Tempelhof is able to read cyrillic letters.
In the meantime, we ask you to keep your eyes open and to stay alert. Report all suspicious visitors to the Kommandantur immediately!
C.W. (StFw)


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Upcoming Events Week 22

We have 3 events planed next week.

Monday, 27. May - 1:00 PM


Monday, 27. May - 2:00 PM


Tuesday, 28. May - 1:00 PM


We'd love to see you around and have a great time with us!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Thursday 23 May - Ulrika Tomsen - Fronttheater

Our very own

Ulrika Tomsen

will perform german songs

 Thursday 23 May 2013


12.00 PM

Ulrika sings german songs from the 30th to 50th and many of those sung
 during wartimes as songs for perseverance. You will hear this very rarely in SL - 
so come around and listen to .

Wonder Woman in Tempelhof?

This photo raises serious questions


This photo taken last night raises major questions.

  • What is Wonder Woman doing in Tempelhof?
  • Why is she talking to local performer Clyde Barrow?
  • Why does Clyde have such an elaborate radio setup?
  • Why does Clyde appear to have an obsession with the popular local Dancer MissUnderstood? 
  • Why are our reporters taking photos inside private residences in the middle of the night?
We all know that Wonder Woman flies around the world in her invisible plane, and so she can come and go almost anywhere without being noticed, but why Tempelhof does Clyde know why she is here?

It has been suggested that Clyde may not be just an innocent singer, but he may be an American agent, this would account for Wonder Woman's presence and the radio equipment.  If this is the case, Clyde may be reporting to the US some of the anomalies that have been reported in Tempelhof in SL

Clyde's obsession with MissUnderstood has been suggested in several of his shows, the poster of her on the wall does appear to confirm this.

The last question is easy to answer.... our reporters spy on people at night, because they are fucking nosey.  That is why Tempelhof in SL gets the best stories.

Yes I am going on holiday, my last post was supposed to be my last for awhile, but seriously, this story was too big not to post.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Note from the Editor

Yes, the Editor is EVIL!
I will be away until the beginning of next week and therefore will not be posting for the next few days (unless something comes up before I leave or I can work out how to blog from my phone)
This may not be particularly professional but...
On a personal note to a special someone

Hogan Baily Rocks Tempelhof

Hogan rocked the Tempelhof backed by his dancers Marle & Kitten to a packed house, joined by a mystery guest dancer*.
Hogan announced to an enthusiastic audience that he will be performing every other Tuesday at Tempelhof, and today was his debut in his official slot.
It was reported that Flash Dancers were spotted in the audience.

Editors Note*
Ok no mystery, it was me, and I loved every minute of it!  Readers who know me, know that I can't resist the chance to dance, whether it's just by myself, with a partner, on a pole or on a large stage.

Monday 27 May - Clyde Barrow & Tempelhoff Girls

Our resident celebrity
Clyde Barrow
Will be performing
Monday 27 May 2013
Please join us to see this
incredible performer!
The editor will be away for the next few days,
but hopes to be back in time to Dance in Clyde's show

Moulin Rouge Burlesque with Yasmine & Jini @ tempelhof 21/5/13

Yasmine and Jini got their fans blood pumping with their Moulin Rouge Burlesque show at Tempelhof. As usual I have included photos, unfortunately due to the risqué nature of the show we could not include photos of everything without doing severe editing, and I would not choose to be so rude as to pixelate these ladies bodies.

Tempelhof Signs Two New Regular Acts

Tempelhof is pleased to announce that it has signed 2 of Second Life's most popular performers to do regular shows!

Hogan Baily will starting today (Tuesday 21/5/13) will be performing every other Tuesday at 2pm SLT.
 Hogan specialises in Country, southern and blues, and brings his own dancers as support!

Phoenix J will be performing every other Tuesday at 1pm SLT starting next week (28/5/13)

 Phoenix J is a singer and pianist who puts her own spin on songs from the truly ancient to the most contemporary

Tempelhof has hosted both these performers before to rave reviews and are very proud to have signed both of them to do regular events. If you have not been to their shows before, then come along and see them in action!

Come see Hogan Baily Perform @ Tempelhof

Hogan Baily and his beautiful dancers will be performing at Tempelhof today at 2pm
Hogan is a Singer/Musician/Entertainer who wowed Tempelhof last week with his country, southern and blues backed up by his sexy dancers and has been brought back for a repeat performance.

This just in, Hogan will have a regular show here!
That is right, Hogan will be performing at Tempelhof
every other Tuesday at 2pm.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Burlesque Boutique (Advertisement/Humour)

Devious Minds
When it comes to putting on a show only the best will do.  The last thing you want is feathers falling out of your outfit while you are on stage, it is unattractive, it poses a trip hazard, and the janitors complain cleaning up from the mess.  This does not present a good business image.  Another major issue is cleaning costs in the Burlesque industry, lets be honest rhinestone encrusted G-strings are far from the easiest to clean, and if a repair is done badly on them saying that they would be uncomfortable is somewhat of an understatement. All of these presents problems to putting on an effective show, especially when dancers are having to wear the same costumes day after day.

Fortunately DeviousMind is here to help.  DeviousMind supplies the finest in Burlesque wear to Second Life.  Devious Mind uses the AVCT System (Advanced Virtual Clothing Technology) in it's handcrafted outfits which prevent feather loss, the need to ever repair or replace due to wear and tare or even the need to clean them. 

Imagine the savings:
  • Not having to replace or repair outfits
  • Eliminate Cleaning Costs
  • Less need for costume personnel
  • Reduced cleaning costs in your theatre.
  • Savings on liability insurance rates due to trip and falls
  • Saving on sick leave due to the incredibly problematic rhinestone related injuries
So come on down to DeviousMind and look at their selection in show outfits, considering all the advantages how can you afford not to?

Editors Note
While DeviosMind is a genuine shop in Tempelhof (there are not many vendors, but this is one), that does provide quality Burlesque items (some of which are used by the Tempelhof Dancers) and the link attached is genuine, the advertisement itself is a product of the twisted mind of the editor and has been written unilaterally.  It should be viewed as satire (done out of genuine admiration), so please do not blame DeviousMind for any inaccuracies (real or perceived) or any offense you may take from the article.  (although I can't think of any reason why you would)

Phoenix J from the UK wows Tempelhof again!

Phoenix J once again wowed the residents of Tempelhof by singing and playing piano in a wide range of songs from different eras, done in her own special style.   Phoenix J is one of Second Life's premiere performers and is always greatly appreciated at Tempelhof.


Starting next week Phoenix J will be performing regularly at the Tempelhof Theatre and we look forward to having her here. Phoenix will be performing at Tempelhof every 2 weeks starting next Tuesday (28 May) so come along and join us for her show!

The Legend of Emilie

Emilie's House
On the hill overlooking the harbour their stands a house, where before the great war lived a young artist named Emilie.

Emilie moved  to Tempelhof straight out of art school, and even though was an outsider her quick wit and charm was very appealing to the community and she was quickly accepted by the locals as one of their own

Although Emilie was never really that well known to the greater public, she was very skilled and she did have a reputation locally and in the art world for creating the most memorable paintings of the Tempelhof area, particularly of the residents and the village of Tempelhof itself.

Bar on harbour front
Emilie's work was very popular in the village and she was considered somewhat of a local treasure, always friendly and with a whimsical sprit.  She enjoyed spending a lot of her time "people watching," as they worked in the harbour and the theatre, on a weekend late in the evening she would go down to the bar on the harbour front, and just sit and watch people interact as they drank.  Occasionally Emilie was known to sing with a local folk band there. Emilie did not have a strong singing voice, but was considered very memorable,  her voice has been described as a musical whisper that was enchanting to those who heard. 

Emilie spent quite a bit of time talking to fishermen at the harbour and became quite interested in the sea and talking about how she wanted to capture the "Emotion of Ocean." She spent ages painting the sea from all different directions on Tempelhof, the most wonderful scenes of the sea, but she was never satisfied with the results no matter how much people praised them.

Emilie came to the conclusion that the only way she could really paint the sea was to understand it better, so one day Emily simply took a small boat and went out to sea with her painting kit, while out the sea started to get choppy and the fog rolled in taking Emilie from sight of the shore and Emilie was never seen again.

Many local residents claim that on certain days when the sea is rough and the fog rolls in you can  still hear Emilie's whispering song in the wind.

While Emilie's paintings never became that well known, the story itself inspired the song "Emilie."

As a special offer "Tempelhof in SL" offers a free copy of a record of the song Emilie with the purchase of this edition. (Click the Youtube link below)


This story was actually inspired by this song which was written and performed by "The Box" a French Canadian (Québécois) band that mostly performs in English and was from the album "Closer Together." The lead singer Jean-Marc Pisapia was an early member of Men Without Hats (you may remember them from the song "Safety Dance"). He recruited guitarist Guy Florent and bassist Jean-Pierre Brie for the band, The band was originally known as Checkpoint Charlie before settling on the name The Box.

This song may be far from everyone's taste but as a child I found it very moving and emotional and so I wrote this story as an excuse to share the song with you. 

Special thanks to Clyde Barrow for finding this song online for me.  


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tempelhof Theatre Roof Appeal

Tempelhof Theatre
Throughout the war Tempelhof Theatre has continued to put on shows for the public despite the continued bombardment from the allies. Over the course of the conflict our beloved theatre has taken substantial damage, yet the shows continue.  
The damage is substantial and now the Theatre is suffering from 2 major issues.  
Tempelhof is notorious for it's changeable weather and certain headline performers have been heard complaining about getting wet when it is raining. and this may damage the ability of Tempelhof to continue to attract major performers.  (It should be noted that no one has ever heard any of the dancers complain about this.) 

Some may argue that the new alfresco style of theatre brings a  refreshing charm, however there is a second problem and that is that the elements may start to further deteriorate the fit of the building and may start to effect the electrics and such.

Interior of Tempelhof Theatre
Tempelhof as a whole has also taken a bit of a beating, with many building and infrastructure needing to be repaired or demolished in a safe way, not to mention the on-going costs of maintaining the island.
As we all love our theatre it is urgent that we try to get the roof remedied.  As you know that throughout hostilities Tempelhof Theatre has been giving free shows to the residents to maintain moral, and it is not the intention of management to change that.  There are however donation tins at the front of the stage, we would ask that people attending show to dig deep if they are able to help support the continued shows at Tempelhof, the on-going costs of the island and hopefully the speedy restoration of our spectacular theatre to it's former glory.
Exterior of Tempelhof Theatre
 A serious note from the editor:
It should be noted that the above article and following statement are my own personal views as editor of the blog and has not been asked for, discussed with or sanctioned in any way by the Tempelhof Management. (Which is true of all articles I have posted to date, other than those advertising upcoming shows, which have been requested and checked for accuracy).

It is my sincere belief that management of Tempelhof are delighted to present the highest quality entertainment they can get within this wonderful environment which has only the most minimal of advertising in it to try to maintain it's authentic look.  There is however a cost to this as good acts are not free (nor should they be as they are genuine professionals),  nor is the cost of maintenance of the land. I am certain that management appreciate all the visitors who support the acts here, and certainly do not want to make the guests feel they are being bled dry, however if you do enjoy shows at Tempelhof and you can afford it, a donation (even very modest ones) I am sure they would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Maiden in the Tower

Old Water Tower

MissUnderstood Lighthouse
I have been asked to write about what it is like to live in a water tower, and how I came to live in a water tower in the first place.

I was visiting Tempelhof in 1939 with an travelling variety show from the United States of America as a dancer. I am British myself, I was 16 at the time and frankly was desperate for work and was scouted out while the tour was in the UK as one of the dancers had suffered a serious illness (this is what I was told at the time, actually I think she got pregnant). So I joined the tour naively, not politically aware and not really paying attention to where it was going to go.

So here I was finding myself in Germany at the beginning of the Second World War... the show was allowed to continue on it's way as at the time there were no hostilities between the US and Germany, but I as a British Citizen was detained by the local Commandant.  Unsure what really to do with me,  they did not really want to shove me into the cells, but nor did they feel I could run free, so they quite literally locked me in the tower, a disused water tower that was converted into living quarters, as although quite comfortable, it was virtually impossible for me to escape from as there was only one door in or out, and getting out the windows was impractical.

Cover of Frauen-Warte featuring Miss Lighthouse
As the war rolled on and moral on the Island lowered the owner of the local theatre convinced the Commandant to allow me out of the tower under supervision to help put on shows to help keep spirits up.  Quite shockingly my performances got the attention of  Frauen-Warte where I made the front cover.

After the former regime left the Island I have been given my "freedom." I use the word freedom reservedly as I obviously am unable to return to Britain while hostilities continue, and frankly we are all effectively prisoners here as we are cut off from the main land at present. I was however with my "freedom" offered a job here at the paper and a new residence. I turned them down.

You may ask why I would choose to stay in my "prison cell."  Well as you can see from the following photographs the Water Tower is actually quite luxuriously furnished and has some of the spectacular views in Temeplhof.

While the Circumstances under which I ended up living in Tempelhof are quite unfortunate I have come to love the place and the people here and my prison cell has become a real home.


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Otawan Fouquet Rocked Tempelhof

Ottawan Fouquet "The Pilot of the Airwaves" kept Tempelhof rocking by spinning up some great tunes on the amplified gramophone at the theatre. Despite the music is faster and louder than what we are used to in these parts (and time period) it was greatly enjoyed by everyone!


Biker Babe Burlesque

Yasmine and Jini treated us to another great show this evening, this time as biker babes, dancing around what I believe to be a classic Triumph Bonneville or in other words:
 "Biker Babe Burlesque!"
(alliteration rocks!)

As normal Yasmine and Jini titillated the audience with their... well you get the idea.

Girl in the Globe

Yesterday I was put in the Globe over Atlas for the annual "Girl in the Globe Celebration." This celebration is said to go back centuries, the woman inside the globe signifying Mother Earth.  Although this is an ancient local tradition, official records only go back to 1939 when I fist arrived in Tempelhof, and was selected to be the girl for that ye..... oh.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Phoenix J @ Tempelhof

1PM on Monday 20 May 2013

Phoenix J is returning to Tempelhof by popular demand.  We cannot resist her unique take on everything from centuries old folk music to the most modern of songs.

Phoenix is a piano/singer-songwriter. She performs a blend of improvised jazzy bluesy pop, rock R&B and classical styling on songs from the oldies to present day, and she sings them self-accompanied on live piano and sometimes the acoustic guitar.

Phoenix J progressed from singing in choirs in her native Singapore to running her own Firebird studio and finding herself alongside Elton John in the top 40 charts with her debut release Binary Star.
Having toured globally, and along the way garnering accolades such as winning Best Dance Song in the US Just Plain Folks Music Awards, she has now settled in the rural West of the UK. From here she released a second solo album, Junkk, whilst also fronting for London-based electro-rock band greenhaus.
This critically-acclaimed collaboration has a global following, enticed by their sonic wall of sound, complemented with Phoenix’s ethereal stage presence and vocals. Their newest studio offering, "A Fools Paradise" with the title track written by Phoenix herself, has now been released.
This year will however see Phoenix J revisiting her acoustic roots. Whilst working on a new solo album, she will continue her journey of musical self-discovery, presenting soulful and jazzy style music on voice and piano.

Pilot of the airwaves @ Tempolhof

Thursday 16 May @ 1PM - Otawan Fouquet
  We look forward to seeing Otawan who is a regular DJ here known as the Pilot of the Airwaves. Otawan mostly specialises in rock music.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Photo's from Tempelhof

I have published a number of photos in SL of the scenery and some of the residents, here are some more I've taken over the last few days, some have been used in stories, others are just pictures of places on the island I found pretty.  Some of the photos feature me, as experiments in light and shadow, reflections and SL settings and such as I try to improve my photography skills.  These have been uploaded unedited (except for the one obviously edited for story purposes).

Clyde Barrow & The Tempelhof Dancers @ Tempelhof 14/5/2013

"Does Sinatra better than Frank does"

Our resident performer Clyde Barrow put down his bottle of whiskey (Tesco's brand) crawled his way out of the bar he lives above up the steps to the Tempelhof theatre and absolutelywowed the crowds with his rendition of classics backed by the be-feathered Tempelhof Dancers.

Hogan Baily and Hogan's Hi-Steppers @ Tempelhof 14/5/2013

Hogen Baily and his wonderful backup dancers "Hogan's Hi-Steppers" made their debut performance at Tempelhof this evening wowing the audience with a wide selection selection of songs backed by his lovely dancers.

Yasmine Paneer & Jini Odriscoll Perform Burlesque @ Tempelhof 14/5/2013

Yasmine and Jini performed a great western themed burlesque act this evening.  This act was very much in keeping with the acts of the day with an added risqué flare. Needless to say our regulars enjoyed this very much.

Battleship hunting Tall Ship?

This picture appears to be of a military vessel hunting down a Tall Ship. Although hard to make out the ship in the distance, using special lenses and enlargement techniques Tempelhof in SL has been able to enhance the relevant parts of the photo:

The exact nature of the tall ship has yet to be determined, and any help in identifying it would be appreciated.  It is peculiarly odd to see such a vessel in our waters considering the level of military vessels in the area, the ship appears to be being chased by an unidentified battle ship.  There did not appear to be any shorts fired (be either party), and so the question has to be asked as to the intentions of either party.

Please keep an eye out for either of these vessels on the coast and notify the editor if you sport them.

Jet Aircraft Claims

A recent letter to the editor said:

My dear friends!

As you all know, Tempelhof is a peaceful community.
Over the past few years our technicians have acquired a solid foundation of skills in ship-repair, restoration of dutch-bicycles, the construction of ballistic missiles, and of course overhauling KitchenAid devices.

There is no need to assume any hidden activities in the field of aviation. Not only that we don't have sufficient skills in that field, we also simply lack the space to start and land such crafts.
The caverns below the Rheintochter-Halle would of course be ridiculously under-dimensioned, and as you all know they contain the island's cider supply for the next few years.

Viele herzliche Grüße von Ihrem Freund

As you can see from the photo above, there have been aircraft in Tempelhof and the aircraft is right next to the V-1 factory ... which makes very small jet engines.

It is being speculated that  this Stuka is being equipped with pulsejets from a V-1?

We have been trying to seek clarification on the practicalities of this but no one with sufficient expertise is willing to talk.