Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Note to the Editor 

Tempelhof, 28. April 1945

Von: Misty Payne, commissarial in charge of Militärische Abwehr

Betreff: 'body in the sewers'

Dear Editor,

surprised enough the rats did not finish him off already (might be some kind of courtesy among colleagues) - all I can say is: That are the reminders of Hans Fehrer - former Ortsgruppenleiter of the NSDAP and Inselkommandant of Tempelhof.

Me and my sister found him the day after the other nazi bastards stole our best U-boat and took off to Argentina (some say they actually were heading to 'New Swabia' in the Antarctic).

The commander sat slumped in a puddle of his own blood at his desk.
On that: his Luger Parabellum, some cash (pretty useless on Tempelhof - there is nothing to sell or to buy anymore. We just share what is left) and a "returned to sender" postcard to his sister in Freiburg - thus meaning she might have gotten bombed out during the last severe air raids.
We found some empty bottles of wine, so we aren't sure if he refused to flee with his comrades - or was just too drunk to do so.

Anyway - it was more than obvious he shot himself in the head.
All we did was to unload his gun, wrap his body into a blanket and drag that fat bastard to the sewers. Basically because we just had no idea where else to put him.

I hereby declare we did NOT change anything else on the scene - in case of further investigations.
We still use the radio device (which the staff fortunately did not render useless when they ransacked the office) to keep in touch with our raider-boats or in case anybody in the Reich will try to contact us.

Before the party left they destroyed all evidences of crimes on Tempelhof - that's why the office looks so devastated.
Depending on how the Allies will treat us after the war comes to an end, we might be willing to help with the investigations.

To the best of one's knowledge and belief:
Misty Payne, Fähnrich zur See

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  1. Oh... maybe we just were too much in shock to notice anything else than the head shot (right between the eyes!) - but we wondered, how a man with two broken legs managed to get into the second floor... Well - "Triumph of the Will" perhaps.

    After thinking a while over that - does that imply, anyone else found Ortsgruppenleiter Fehrer worth MORE than ONE shot??
    I mean - didn't we ALL love the Führer's vicegerent??

    Nah - actually NO ONE liked that fat and blasé bastard - to be honest.

    But - the Bible has "don't slander the death!" - so just this: BURN in HELL, Fehrer - you bloody BASTARD!

    Feeling a bit better now - Misty Payne