Sunday, 17 November 2013

Autumn Break is Over!

We hereby happily announce that there will be shows again in our run-down but still beloved theater!
On Tuesday the 19th of November we'll have our wonderful friend Clyde Barrow singing at 1 PM SLT!
That will be a regular weekly date from now on - so please mark that in your calenders.

Doing shows has been difficult lately - due to some hardships we had to go through  and some subsequently needed reconstruction.
Still there is a significant lack of man-power - so we will have just ONE show a week, until we find a way to fill up the schedule a bit more.

So - any help and any idea would be greatly appreciated.
If you think you could add to the fun - please don't refrain from IMing me inworld!

Hope to see you at the theater!

Your's - Misty Payne :-)


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  1. Puuh, thats been a while...
    guess you need someone to clean up here a bit ;)