Monday, 3 June 2013

British Conuslate Office?

Controversial dancer and journalist MissUnderstood Lighthouse has opened what is described as an "Unofficial British Consulate Office" in Tempelhof.  Considering the current hostilities between our countries,  this could be viewed to be in incredibly bad taste. The office is located at the Old Water Tower where Miss Lighthouse had already come under criticism for her flying a Union Flag.
Tempelhof in SL queried the British born Miss Lighthouse about her decision to open this office and she said that she had several reasons for opening the "office." She stated that while the residents of Tempelhof are lovely people and had made her and other "misplaced allies" as at home as possible under the circumstances in Tempelhof, there was a feeling among many of these people that they needed a form of support group and a place to meet and that this was a "tongue in cheek" way of doing it.  She went on to say that the fact she called the place a "Consulate Office" showed that she did not have any animosity to the people of Tempelhof itself.  Lastly she said "In Britain it is believed that Germans have no sense of humour, I figure this kind of put this theory to the test, if they do (as I believe) actually have a sense of humour then they should get a bit of an ironic laugh out of this... if not I'll end up in front of the firing squad and the stereotype will be proved true."


  1. Aww - but ... we most definitely won't shoot you! Yet ... :)=)
    Actually we ran a bit short on ammunition lately and have to wait for supply.
    Also we'd have to do all the work on the newspaper alone again - and last but not least we'd have to teach StFz Wertmuller dancing in order to fill up the "joy division" - go figure!!

    Nah - kidding of course!
    I have to admit, we first felt a bit uncomfy about the "Union Jack" flying over Tempelhof.
    But on the other hand we DO understand the need for the little British community to have a place to meet, have their tea time, talk about cricket and what else you funny folks might do in your spare time *giggles*

    And OF COURSE us Germans HAVE a great sense of humour - we LOVE to laugh ... especially if we can laugh about the failures and mishaps of others! *beams*
    We even have a special term for it: "Schadenfreude"! - like other great and unique German terms like "Kindergarten", "Sonderbehandlung" and "Endlösung" a bit hard to translate.
    At least we often don't want to. *grins*

    Nah - just feel safe and welcomed (at least till the the tender with the ammo arrives!

    Misty (special agent)

  2. Clyde Barrow here ..

    Just when I thought the tides of war were receding!

    I shall hoist the pirate flag of Capt. Henry Morgan above the Unsink Bar and drink my way through this one.