Sunday, 2 June 2013

Disapearence of Paintings - Updated for accuracy

Selection of paintings at Kommandantur
It has come to the attention of Tempelhof in SL that all of the paintings by beloved local artist Emilie have disappeared from The Kommandantur since we told her story and gave you a free copy of the song about her in our 20 May edition "The Legend of Emilie." 

Prior to the war the Kommandantur was a Casino, which was taken over to use as a command post by the Nazis at the beginning of the war. Following the Nazis departure a large stash of artwork was found by the local residents, so of the art is local, others are famous pieces from across Europe. The locals decided to display the art in a public place both out of respect of the art and to make the place look prettier until the pieces can restored to their rightful owners. Because of this the Kommandantur currently houses most of the fine art in Tempelhof and so the disappearance of these locally cherished pieces of work will cause great distress to the local residents.

Ironically it has been suggested that the owner of the largest collection of Emilie paintings was in fact the Casino, and so it is quite possible that the items that have been stolen were the only art work that truly belonged in the building to start with.

It has been speculated that the paintings may have been stolen as a result of the attention that Tempelhof in SL had brought to them by linking the song Emilie to the specific artist that inspired it, and that the firm link may lead to an increase in the paintings value.

There has been no official comment regarding the disappearance of these paintings of the Tempelhof area and its residents and this is further fuelling speculation into what has happened. 

Tempelhof in SL calls for a public enquiry into the disappearance of these most beloved art works and asks that anyone who has any knowledge of what has happened to them to assist in finding them so that they can be returned to their rightful place here.

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  1. Clyde Barrow here ..

    Living just above Unsink Bar one occasionally hears whispers of conspiracy.

    It had been a very long day of chasing rats in the tunnels and I may have been well into the cups, still, last night I awoke to such murmurings.

    I swear I heard a man's voice say, "Where do you want me to hide it?"

    ... and then a woman's voice as clear as a bell whispered, "Find the darkest hole and shove it in there!"