Sunday, 16 June 2013

More Missing Emilie Paintings Found

 Last night 6 more paintings by Emilie that had been stolen from the Kommandantur  were found. 

Paintings by trawler
 These paintings were found in the open at the harbour front, near a fishing trawler that had arrived earlier that day. 

It is unknown at this time whether the trawler arriving that day was linked or is purely coincidental.

The paintings in question were not protected from the elements and experts say that is very fortunate that the weather was good last night as the paintings could have been easily ruined by rain or salt water from the waves. 

Missing portraits by Emilie
The paintings have been identified as portraits by Emilie.  So far the recovered paintings recovered were mostly of the Tempelhof area, with the notable exception of the previously unknown nude that was donated to the museum.  As Emilie was famous for her paintings of the locals this recovery is considered quite important.

The authorities have said that they are happy for the Emilie Museum to hold and display the paintings until the rightful owners are identified. 

Tempelhof in SL views these paintings of great cultural significance to the island and encourage resident and visitors to go to the Emilie museum to see them.

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