Friday, 7 June 2013

Emilie Paintings Found! - Updated for accuracy

Some of the missing paintings by Emilie have been found by authorities in the back room of  Hafenmeister, located next to the Unsink  Bar on the harbourfront.

The paintings were found by a structural engineer who was examining the building to see if it could be brought back into use.

Hafenmeister (Harbour Master's Office)
The Hafenmeister building has been abandoned since there was an unexplained grenade accident there which took the Harbour Master's life. When asked about the paintings being  in the back room the Engineer said "I have no idea what these paintings are doing there, obviously no one should be using the building at all at present.  There is a sewer entrance in that room and I believe the paintings may have been put into the room from there, which would explain how someone got into the building without being noticed walking with a number of large paintings along the sea front."

As of yet authorities have not been able to establish why these paintings were there or who may have taken them in the first place. 

Evidence of sewer access
Upon investigation it does indeed appear that there is sewer access to this room.

It must be noted that only four of the missing paintings have been found and this represents only a very small portion of the missing collection.

The authorities say that they will be ceasing  the paintings as evidence and cannot determine if or when they will be returned to the Kommandantur for display with the rest of the currently unclaimed artwork displayed there.

Fortunately prior to the paintings being confiscated we were able to take these photos of them.

Tempelhof Coast
The Lighthouse

The Girl in the World


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  1. Clyde Barrow here ..

    So happy to see these four paintings recovered. The painting called "Reflections" has always been my favorite.

    Rest assured I will be on the lookout for the still missing works by Emilie.

    If I get any leads I will send them your way.