Friday, 14 June 2013

Emilie Museum to Open

Emilie Museum
An anonymous benefactor  has acquired the house that local artist Emilie used to live in and has donated it to Tempelhof along with his own 2 pieces of work by Emilie to the people of Tempelhof.  The museum will be operated as a trust for the benefit of the public.    The 2 pieces donated have never been seen before as they were private commissions as well as Emilie's sketchbook.  As the benefactor of these pieces is anonymous there is quite a lot of interest in the art world about the exhibition of these paintings.
After being informed of the opening of the Museum Tempelhof in SL has put pressure on the local authorities to allow the display of the four Emilie paintings that have so far been recovered from the collection that was stolen. We are proud to announce that these paintings will also be displayed in the Emilie Museum until such time as the rightful owners are identified and the items are claimed, and that all further pieces that are recovered will also be displayed at the Museum.
The Emilie museum will be open to the public at no charge however donations will be accepted for the upkeep of the museum.
The Emilie Museum is actually privately rented from Tempelhof, it is done so to add to the atmosphere for the  benefit of residents and visitors to Tempelhof.  
While the museum is not run by Tempelhof itself, all donations collected from tip jars will go straight into Tempelhof's accounts for the upkeep of the entire sim. Tempelhof is a spectacularly unique location in SL that should be supported.

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  1. Clyde Barrow here ..

    Visited the museum today. The location of the house is exquisite, on the cliff overlooking the sea. The recovered and donated original Emilie paintings displayed lovingly here in her former home have such life and beauty that one can almost feel Emilie's presence.

    Thank you to the anonymous benefactor who has resurrected one of Tempelhof's greatest treasures and given her back to the people.

    Welcome home Emilie. We missed you.