Monday, 27 May 2013

Russia Denial

Photo a Fake?

For the past week there have been rumours that one of our reporters MissUnderstood Lighthouse has been in Russia in Yaraslavl ... well beyond the front line.

This photo has emerged which apparently shows Miss Lighthouse in front of a Russian Orthodox church.

When asked about going to Russia Miss Lighthouse said "No, I have not been to Russia, there is no truth in the claim whatsoever, any evidence you have is obviously been constructed... I have been ill for the past week and have not been around so much... but people have seen me... Mr. Barrow and Miss Payne have both seen me"

When queried about it Mr Barrow confirms that Miss Lighthouse has been seen around Tempelhof, but says "She has not seemed quite herself, never changing clothes, just standing around barely moving at all."

In possibly related news, the "Unsink" Bar where Mr Barrow works has  recently started serving Russian Vodka, which appears to be very high quality.

The photo above is the only hard evidence of Miss Lighthouse being in Moscow, but Tempelhof in SL does confirm that there had been a gap of several days where Miss Lighthouse did not submit any reports which is rather uncharacteristic of her. One may also consider it rather suspicious that this story itself is written by Miss Lighthouse.

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  1. Clyde Barrow here ..

    I can confirm seeing MissUnderstood in Tempelhof during her 'alleged' travels to Yaraslavl. Yes, she seemed distant.
    I also noticed that she was wearing the same outfit for a number of days in a row, however, this is not uncommon for us,
    we are not rich!

    As far as why we have a new abundant supply of the finest Russian Vodka in the world ? __ One word, coincidence.