Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New Home for Tempelhof in SL

New Tempelhof in SL offices
Since our old offices were confiscated at the beginning of the war by the military Tempelhof in SL has been proud to continue publishing despite these hardships due to the assistance of our reporters and local businesses who have allowed us to work from their homes and office space to give you the only newspaper in Tempelhof.

Tempelhof in SL is proud to announce that due to an anonymous donation of property that we can once again have our own offices in Tempelhof to produce our newspaper.

While the new offices are modest compared to our pre-war ones, the reality is that having impressive offices does not write the news,  we therefore greatly appreciate the donation of this office space.

The new offices are located at the Treehouse Building next to the water tower on Wertmüller Straße.  It is believed that this building had previously been used as a second home for "recreational purposes"... what is meant by this exactly remains unclear.
If you have news stories, information on local events, wedding announcements, obituaries, classified ads, advertisements etc. that you would like posted in Tempelhof in SL then please post them to:

Tempelhof in SL
Treehouse Building 
Wertmüller Straße
Ceiram, Germany
Second Life
SL 109/114/33

(OR in other words click the SLurl and put it in the mailbox shown in the photo)

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  1. Clyde Barrow here ..

    Love the new office! MissUnderstood, you are doing a remarkable job. I had a look yesterday, such WONDERFUL machines!