Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Battleship hunting Tall Ship?

This picture appears to be of a military vessel hunting down a Tall Ship. Although hard to make out the ship in the distance, using special lenses and enlargement techniques Tempelhof in SL has been able to enhance the relevant parts of the photo:

The exact nature of the tall ship has yet to be determined, and any help in identifying it would be appreciated.  It is peculiarly odd to see such a vessel in our waters considering the level of military vessels in the area, the ship appears to be being chased by an unidentified battle ship.  There did not appear to be any shorts fired (be either party), and so the question has to be asked as to the intentions of either party.

Please keep an eye out for either of these vessels on the coast and notify the editor if you sport them.

1 comment:

  1. Huh - just hope not to unveil anything top-secret - but this is of course NO battleship, but one of our still intact class VIIc boats.

    Oh the sail... flailing her arms: me - taking some driving lessons again after that (minor!!) accident in the harbor!

    If you zoom in you will even see Commander Caps at the stern of the schooner (NO tallship, landlubber!!), loudhailer in hand... somewhat hysterically shouting: "The OTHER starboard, silly duckling!!"

    I mean... WHAT?? HIS or MY starboard??

    Hey - I need DEFINITE instructions!!

    Gah... men!!