Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tempelhof Theatre Roof Appeal

Tempelhof Theatre
Throughout the war Tempelhof Theatre has continued to put on shows for the public despite the continued bombardment from the allies. Over the course of the conflict our beloved theatre has taken substantial damage, yet the shows continue.  
The damage is substantial and now the Theatre is suffering from 2 major issues.  
Tempelhof is notorious for it's changeable weather and certain headline performers have been heard complaining about getting wet when it is raining. and this may damage the ability of Tempelhof to continue to attract major performers.  (It should be noted that no one has ever heard any of the dancers complain about this.) 

Some may argue that the new alfresco style of theatre brings a  refreshing charm, however there is a second problem and that is that the elements may start to further deteriorate the fit of the building and may start to effect the electrics and such.

Interior of Tempelhof Theatre
Tempelhof as a whole has also taken a bit of a beating, with many building and infrastructure needing to be repaired or demolished in a safe way, not to mention the on-going costs of maintaining the island.
As we all love our theatre it is urgent that we try to get the roof remedied.  As you know that throughout hostilities Tempelhof Theatre has been giving free shows to the residents to maintain moral, and it is not the intention of management to change that.  There are however donation tins at the front of the stage, we would ask that people attending show to dig deep if they are able to help support the continued shows at Tempelhof, the on-going costs of the island and hopefully the speedy restoration of our spectacular theatre to it's former glory.
Exterior of Tempelhof Theatre
 A serious note from the editor:
It should be noted that the above article and following statement are my own personal views as editor of the blog and has not been asked for, discussed with or sanctioned in any way by the Tempelhof Management. (Which is true of all articles I have posted to date, other than those advertising upcoming shows, which have been requested and checked for accuracy).

It is my sincere belief that management of Tempelhof are delighted to present the highest quality entertainment they can get within this wonderful environment which has only the most minimal of advertising in it to try to maintain it's authentic look.  There is however a cost to this as good acts are not free (nor should they be as they are genuine professionals),  nor is the cost of maintenance of the land. I am certain that management appreciate all the visitors who support the acts here, and certainly do not want to make the guests feel they are being bled dry, however if you do enjoy shows at Tempelhof and you can afford it, a donation (even very modest ones) I am sure they would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Clyde Barrow here..

    Miss, thank you for reporting on this very important situation.

    As some of you may know, I do a bit of singing at the theater now and then...
    Sometimes the girls need a break, they throw me out there to try and keep the punters from walking. Most of the time it doesn't work.

    If you have heard me sing you will know I aint no Gene Kelley, but I can assure you I feel like him when I am on stage literally "Singing in the Rain"

    I'm not complaining, two reasons mainly, I got backstage access which means catching the dancers in various and lovely stages of dress, and undress as it were, and also I am in an eternal state of warmth from the copious amounts of whiskey.

    Many thanks to all supporters of Tempelhof.
    Thanks again to Miss for addressing the situation boldly and with love.