Monday, 13 May 2013

Upcoming Shows for week starting 12 May 20123 - UPDATED

We have 5 great shows coming up this week including a
Monday 13 May 1pm - Pippa Exoner

Pippa is a regular here at Tempelhof and if very much enjoyed for her mixture of jaz, Vintage Pop and love songs.

Tuesday 14 May 1:30pm - Yasmine Paneer
Yasmine is a Burlesque dancer who we've had a couple of times before. Yasmine will be performing as a warm-up act prior to the feature shows that follow.

Tuesday 14 May 2pm - Hogan Baily
This is Hogan's first time performing at Tempelhof.  He is a singer/musician who specializes in southern, country and blues.

Tuesday 14 May 3pm - Clyde Barrow

Clyde is a much loved resident of Tempelhof who is famous for doing Frank Sinatra songs, as well as other classics of that era. That said Clyde's rendition of Sultan's of Swing  (originally performed by Dire Straits) has been immensely popular as well. We consider ourselves very luck to have this great* resident performer.

Thursday 16 May - Otawan Fouquet
(To Be Confirmed)
  Otawan is a regular DJ here known as the Pilot of the Airwaves. Otawan mostly specialises in rock music.

*Editor's note that this is the personal opinion of the reporter who is rather enamoured with the performer in question... Editor's note to self..... repost this in the gossip column.

Update of original post 9/5/2013


  1. Clyde Barrow here,

    Hey! What an honor to be in the upcoming shows with Pippa and Hogan. Tempelhof is famous for it's coastal beauty as you will see from the recent photos by Miss Lighthouse. Now with Pippa returning to the theater and Hogan flying in from the USA, we are becoming quite the international playground!

    Hogan, as this is your first time in Tempelhof let me recommend you bring plenty of chocolates and cigarettes. You will understand once you are in the dressing room with the Tempelhof Dancers. Trust me on this one pal.


  2. Don't forget the silk stockings!