Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Jet Aircraft Claims

A recent letter to the editor said:

My dear friends!

As you all know, Tempelhof is a peaceful community.
Over the past few years our technicians have acquired a solid foundation of skills in ship-repair, restoration of dutch-bicycles, the construction of ballistic missiles, and of course overhauling KitchenAid devices.

There is no need to assume any hidden activities in the field of aviation. Not only that we don't have sufficient skills in that field, we also simply lack the space to start and land such crafts.
The caverns below the Rheintochter-Halle would of course be ridiculously under-dimensioned, and as you all know they contain the island's cider supply for the next few years.

Viele herzliche Grüße von Ihrem Freund

As you can see from the photo above, there have been aircraft in Tempelhof and the aircraft is right next to the V-1 factory ... which makes very small jet engines.

It is being speculated that  this Stuka is being equipped with pulsejets from a V-1?

We have been trying to seek clarification on the practicalities of this but no one with sufficient expertise is willing to talk.

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