Monday, 13 May 2013

Questions over Sub accident.

Questions have been raised about the sub accident in Tempelhof Harbour following a letter to the Editor admitting responsibility.

Misty Payne wrote to Tempelhof in SL in response to our article "Island Airstrips"

Ms Payne wrote "Meeeeh... I did my VERY best to park the boat... I suck as a driver... next time I'll try at hgh tide!! Promise!!"

Miss Payne is the Assistant Manager of the local theatre and a dancer there.

Investigations do appear to confirm that Misty Payne did in fact place the sub on the rocks, however no one from the navy is willing to say why a dancer appears to have been in command of the boat.

Tempelhof in SL will continue to investigate this... we will also be investigating the inability of a prominent assistant manger's ability to spell the word "high."

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