Monday, 20 May 2013

Burlesque Boutique (Advertisement/Humour)

Devious Minds
When it comes to putting on a show only the best will do.  The last thing you want is feathers falling out of your outfit while you are on stage, it is unattractive, it poses a trip hazard, and the janitors complain cleaning up from the mess.  This does not present a good business image.  Another major issue is cleaning costs in the Burlesque industry, lets be honest rhinestone encrusted G-strings are far from the easiest to clean, and if a repair is done badly on them saying that they would be uncomfortable is somewhat of an understatement. All of these presents problems to putting on an effective show, especially when dancers are having to wear the same costumes day after day.

Fortunately DeviousMind is here to help.  DeviousMind supplies the finest in Burlesque wear to Second Life.  Devious Mind uses the AVCT System (Advanced Virtual Clothing Technology) in it's handcrafted outfits which prevent feather loss, the need to ever repair or replace due to wear and tare or even the need to clean them. 

Imagine the savings:
  • Not having to replace or repair outfits
  • Eliminate Cleaning Costs
  • Less need for costume personnel
  • Reduced cleaning costs in your theatre.
  • Savings on liability insurance rates due to trip and falls
  • Saving on sick leave due to the incredibly problematic rhinestone related injuries
So come on down to DeviousMind and look at their selection in show outfits, considering all the advantages how can you afford not to?

Editors Note
While DeviosMind is a genuine shop in Tempelhof (there are not many vendors, but this is one), that does provide quality Burlesque items (some of which are used by the Tempelhof Dancers) and the link attached is genuine, the advertisement itself is a product of the twisted mind of the editor and has been written unilaterally.  It should be viewed as satire (done out of genuine admiration), so please do not blame DeviousMind for any inaccuracies (real or perceived) or any offense you may take from the article.  (although I can't think of any reason why you would)

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