Monday, 6 May 2013

Tempelhof Paper Hires New Reporter


Tempelhof has hired a new reporter.

MissUnderstood Lighthouse who is also a dancer at the Local Theatre was hired last night as our new local reporter.  Although Miss Lighthouse has no formal background in journalism, she has published her own newsletter for some years.

When asked about being appointed to the position Miss Lighthouse responded "I am delighted to take on the post, I understand how during hard times like these where many of the experienced reporters are busy reporting from the field that finding local reporters will be more difficult, and I am pleased to be able to do my part.

Miss Lighthouse may be considered a highly unusual choice for a reporter of a German newspaper considering she is British and barely speaks any German at all.

MissUnderstood Lighthouse is interested in hearing any stories you may be aware of (go ahead make something up) and any suggestions can be left in her mailbox outside the water tower.


  1. Well... since the nazi-party fled (the island commander shot himself in the head - good shot!) - we are very much on our own... So we found it a charming idea, to hire someone from abroad. Stranded on Tempelhof at the beginning of the war - knowing the whereabouts... and the folks still living here... So: we are looking forward to further notes and comments! :-)

  2. Clyde Barrow here.

    As one of the few foreigners in Tempelhof, fugitive from the good ol' U S of A, I want to personally welcome Miss Lighthouse.

    It gets cold and dark here at night. Miss, I offer my services as escort should you see fit. I live above the bar on the waterfront. Don't listen to the rumors that rats occupy the joint. I have killed most of 'em and the ones that survive have become good drinkin' pals.

    See ya round kid,